Friday, September 25, 2009

Back in action.

Back in action. A pretty good show, except that the needles at the studio are fucked up. That lo-fi stuff: that's the records.

Frankie Yankovic - Bar Room Polka
Negativland - The Perfect Cut (48 Hours)
The Temptations - Glasshouse
Tibetan Ritual Music - A Buddhist Prayer
Henry Mancini - Green Onions
The Meters - People Say

Buckner & Garcia - Pac-Man Fever
Add N to (X) - Barry 7's Contraption
Abigail Sin - RDNZL
Amon Tobin - Keepin' It Steel
CW McCall - There Won't Be No Country Music
Peps Persson - Hog Standard
Cracker - Dr. Bernice